Aliexpress Reseller Agreement

So the question is how to get The Aliexpress drop shipping contract? 11.3 You agree that all agreements, communications, requests, advertisements and other communications that you are sent electronically comply with all legal requirements that this notification must be made in writing. Since AliExpress is an online marketplace, intended in part for drop shippers, but especially for private customers, it does not offer a resale agreement. Once you have started selling one of the AE products, you can contact the seller at any time and ask them to submit to a written sales agreement. So if you sell via Aliexpress or Alibaba, then most payment gateway companies will ask you to provide them with The Aliexpress Dropshipping Agreement. Free drop-shipping contract format – Download pdf 6.5 may impose restrictions at any time and at our discretion, suspend, suspend or terminate the member`s use of a service or websites, without being held accountable to the member, if received the announcement that the member has received notice that the member is against an agreement or obligation with an Alibaba, including taobao, Alipay, China Yahoo! such offences involve or are reasonably suspected of having dishonest or fraudulent activities. reserves the right not to review or request confirmation of the member. 12.8 If you have any feedback on the services we provide, you can contact our customer service ( for AliExpress or for Also, what are the good alternatives to aliexpress or alibaba? Are there good dropshippers who don`t have such long delivery times? I find it difficult to find good information because there are so many shady sites that are of questionable product quality. How is it to make an agreement with a Dropship supplier? I hear people talking often about doing research to find dropship providers, but nothing details about what to do once you`ve found one. How does the whole agreement work? Contact them and have to give them business information, and if you agree, you have access to a private list of products containing product images and descriptions that you can add to your shop from a website? I know some sites like aliexpress just list their products and prices on a public site where you can import the products pretty much immediately, but I doubt the standard is, right? Not all Dropshippers will be open to everyone I imagine.

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