Sag Short Film Agreement Taft Hartley

Applies to films shot with a total budget of more than $2,000,000 and destined for the first exhibition on a theatrical publication. La Sag`s Chicago office was so helpful and friendly that I was able to talk to them when questions and problems arose. In other words, you don`t need to remember all of this before launch. If that paperwork is enough to keep you from making a movie, you wouldn`t cut it anyway. No no. The short film agreement is a mixed occupancy arrangement! This means that SAG, a non-union player, can both work on the project. I don`t remember if a single sale is enough to trigger the payment or if the sale should generate a profit for the film. I didn`t expect to sell my short film or make a profit from it, because I`m not crazy. ↩ The short film agreement applies to films (no new media projects): for non-union actors on The Deadline, we have entered into a contract similar to the SAG short film contract, but without deferred payment. Of course, all of this is negotiable. This means that non-union films, TV shows, commercials, internet projects, student films and even industries are out of control from the moment you join. And it`s called Global Rule One for a reason: even if a show is shot in Canada or overseas, you usually can`t accept the concert if it`s not unionized. I summarize here because, as you will see, it will not affect you on the short film contract.

But basically, when an actor makes their first SAG project, they have 30 days to join the union. During these 30 days, they can work on SAG projects without joining the union. After 30 days, they must be members of SAG to do another SAG project (if the actor gets caught, they can be fined by the union). All EU members are covered for all projects that employ SAG-AFTRA members under the SAG-AFTRA basic agreement and the SAG-AFTRA television agreement. However, there are subsequent classifications of projects that require additional contracts. When signing these contracts, the signatory also signs the default basic agreement and remains subject to the conditions and guidelines set out in this document. Once these issues are decided, a collective agreement is reached and both the employer and the union are required to comply with that agreement. Hence the system that the industry has for collaboration with SAG-AFTRA members. For the film works covered by the theatrical agreement, the residues begin as soon as the film appears on the video/DVD, the basic cable and free pay TV or new media. The low-budget agreement applies to films shot entirely in the United States, with a total budget of less than $2,000,000, but more than $700,000 planned for the first theatrical release. The agreement must be executed by performers at least three weeks before any work. Taft-Hartley A way to challenge a person for union representation under the SAG-AFTRA Constitution is that he „works in the manner handled or works in a position covered by a COLLECTIVE agreement SAG-AFTRA (or AFTRA or SAG).“ In other words, as soon as you book your first EU market, you are entitled to SAG-AFTRA.

From section 7D of the short film contract (January 2016): The terms of the SAG agreement only determine your relationship with the players in SAG`s production. They do not apply to non-union actors or protect them. You can ask your non-union actors to work 16 hours without overtime and SAG will not punish you. I do not recommend doing so, but you could do it technically.3 If a company becomes a signatory, it accepts the working conditions of professionals represented, protected and conservative under basic contracts.

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