Babysitter Hold Harmless Agreement

I understand that by signing this agreement, I am maintaining the CCM, its directors, its directors, its officers, its advisors, agents, agents, volunteers, babysitters and any other person or institution that occurs for them because of bodily or material damage, while my child/children, called below, are or are in their custody with the CCM. Layers: Each child must come with an extra diaper and a change of clothes. If the child needs a diaper change, the parent must be in place to change the diaper. The diapers are changed from babysitter only in case of emergency. Health: Sick children are not admitted to the daycare room. Children should also be aware of all their vaccinations and shootings. Reservations are made on time, within half an hour. (Example: You can book 9:30-11:30 as 2 full hours, but not 9-10:30 as 1.5 hours). Reservations are kept for an additional 10 minutes after the booked time, but then released to allow other children after that time. If a reservation is cancelled, it must take place at least one hour before the start of the booking. If you do not cancel a reservation, the fee is charged to the parent for the time booked. Limited to 2 hours. All-inclusive members can use the J Kids Club room for more than two hours a day, but there must be a two-hour break between reserved hours.

If a parent has more than 15 minutes of the 2-hour allotted time, the account is automatically charged $5 per child. Available for members (not guests) while they are at the gates of the Dell Jewish Community Campus. Food: No food allowed due to allergies. Children can bring water, milk or juice in a closed cup. Children under the age of one can bring bags of baby food purchased. Bottles, buckets, diaper bags and toys should be marked with the child`s name. At least one parent must be on campus at all times when their child is at the J Kids Club. Crying: If a child cries for more than 10 minutes, we will contact the parent to pick up their child. Age served: Available for children aged 8 weeks (current registrations) to 8 years. Entry and exit are required. If you do not spend your child in the Kids Club room, you will be charged the full 2 hours.

I understand that babysitting services are only available if I am present in the building and disappoint the facilities, services, programs, classes or equipment of the CCM. I understand that I am responsible for leaving work and caring for my child if I become inconsolable, while using CCM facilities, programs, services, courses or equipment. For the safety of other children and CCM staff, staff and contractors, I understand that if I know my child is sick, he is not allowed to keep. If it turns out that the child is sick during babysitting, I am responsible for taking care of my child without any refund.

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